The Fastest WordPress Hosting FAQs

1. Can your hosting really speed up my WordPress website?

We guarantee it.

Test your speed at GTMetrix or FastorSlow before the move. Then test after your free migration.

If you’re not totally happy with the results – or for any other reason – let us know within 30 days of signing up and we will give you a 100% refund.

2. Why don’t you offer cPanel?

Remember how we hate legacy systems? cPanel is an old, bloated legacy system.

We give you control with CyberPanel. Vastly more user-friendly, it offers a ton of cool features that make your life easier:

  • 1-click SSL Cert issuance to your sites
  • automated backups to your Google Drive
  • 1-click staging environments (cPanel still doesn’t include staging)
  • automated DNS entry sync with Cloudflare

The old guard uses cPanel. We give you control.

3. Can I pay with another payment processor?

We have included 2checkout and PayPay, two of the most common payment processors.

If you have other suggestions for payment processing options you would like us to use, then let us know. We’re always open to customer ideas!

4. How is TFWP Hosting optimized for WordPress?

For starters, we use enterprise-level HTTP/3 web server technology that integrates directly with the WordPress caching plugin installed on your site.

Next, our WordPress-exclusive CDN  caches your entire WordPress website all over the world,  boosting speeds for your customers no matter where they are located.

Finally, our support team is steeped in WordPress expertise, as we do not host other CMS platforms. 

We eat, sleep and breathe WordPress.

5. How secure is TFWP Hosting?

Our security is complete, and it is redundant. We don’t just block attacks once, we block them from multiple layers.

As with performance enhancements, protection is on the server level, web server level, caching level, and CDN level ⁠— up and down the stack.

We include blazing-fast Layer-7 protection that stops malware in its tracks. Our comprehensive, AI-powered security utilizes cloud protection to block both known and unknown threats  around-the-clock monitoring and support.

And because you just never know, we create regular backups of your site with all our hosting. No one is losing their site with us.

You protect your password. We got the rest.

6. Do you provide email hosting?

As GeekWire notes, you shouldn’t try to host your own email.

We highly recommend third-party providers such as G Suite, Microsoft 365 or Zoho Mail, and MXRoute. The cheapest option is of course Zoho, which provides 5 emails linked to your domain completely free.

7. How do I access 24/7 support?

Login into the TFWPH Portal and you’ll immediately see the Knowledge Base. Check there for the answer to your question or submit a ticket for a response within 30 minutes. If you are in need of urgent support, then you can access chat support from the Knowledge Base as well. 

8. How can you be the fastest?

We live for speeding up WordPress. We are constantly seeking out and testing the fastest new cloud servers, the fastest new web servers, optimized security, and the sleek new CDN options.

We’re the fastest and we aim to stay that way.  

9. What is an official WP Speed Freak Partner and how do I become one?

A WP Speed Freak is someone who knows how to build blazing fast WordPress websites and optimize existing WordPress sites.

See, we aren’t in the site development business, but we want our customers to know where they can go to get talented web developers and agencies who know what they’re talking about – and who care enough to make sure that you’re using the fastest and most hosting available.  

10. Are there any hidden expenses?

You’re thinking of the other guys.

When you click to pay on their setup, there are like a million upsells that are confusing as hell. Our prices include everything for one reasonable price.

11. How long does it take to get my site up after signing up?

You will be sent to a questionnaire immediately after signup. We want to know your needs before we start provisioning your server and getting things going.

Within 6 – 10 hours you will be contacted by our team with the sign in information for your TFWPH Control Panel.

If you know how to, you can set up your own WordPress install. If you’d like us to do it for you then we’ll send that info too.

For your free site migrations, please allow 1 – 2 business days. (We’ll try to get it done faster though.) 

12. Can I obtain a refund if your plan ends up disappointing me?

We won’t, but we have a 30 day money-back guarantee, so don’t worry.

13. Do you have an affiliate program?

Sure do.

Jump over to our post about the 15% FOREVER affiliate program to learn more.

14. TFWP Hosting seems like a new company, why should I choose you?

Because the old guys have become complacent.

There’s a revolution in hosting systems administration happening, and they don’t want to leave their legacy HTTP/2 systems behind.  They’re systems are “fast enough” is how they see it.

We built our systems for early adopters like ICC — the people who don’t want to settle for “fast enough”.