Hackers are out to get your site.

     Brute Force
     Symbolic Link Attacks

     They have so many tools. 
     And they’re waiting for you to let your guard down.
     Protect yourself.

The Best, Most Secure WordPress Hosting Option for 2021

Building super secure WordPress hosting starts at the server level. Securing your WordPress website does not start with uploading more WordPress security plugins. That’s not how you get the fastest WordPress hosting possible.

Super secure WordPress hosting is not setup by a WordPress Developer. The most secure WordPress hosting is setup and maintained by a Systems Administrator.

The best WordPress developers know that maintaining a cutting-edge, hardened server is an entirely different skillset – one which they outsource to the experts.

Cheap WordPress hosting could save $20 a month. It could also cost you your site.

Which website hosting is really cheaper?

How We Built Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021

Setting up Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021 Step 1:

Implement Server-level Security Hardening

If hackers can get to your server, then all the WordPress-level protection in the world isn’t going t help. Our server-level WordPress protection includes:

  • Intrusion & Detection Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Firewall Protection
  • Malware Detection
  • Proactive Defense (Blocks Malicious Executions)
  • Patch Management
  • Hardened PHP
  • Symbolic Link Attack Prevention

It’s all on the server protecting every WordPress website we host.

Setting up Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021 Step 2:

Isolate WordPress Websites into Silos

If your neighbor is sloppy with passwords, a hacker could move in next door and start trying to take over the whole neighborhood.

That can’t happen with us because we ensure that every user account and every site is isolated. Isolation means security.

We also dramatically limit the number of sites on a single server.

We also limit the number of sites using the same IP address.

All this isolation is expensive, but keeps the neighborhood safe – so it’s worth it.

Setting up Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021 Step 3:

TLS 1.3 SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate is a kind of a misnomer you know, although it’s the term everyone uses. !!

SSL 3.0 evolved into TLS 1.0. TLS became the standard.

What’s crazy is that TLS 1.3 came out in 2018 – but most websites don’t use it!

SSL certs are completely free for all sites hosted on the fastest WordPress hosting – and they’re all TLS 1.3.

Setting up Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021 Step 4:

Local Backups, Remote Backups, Google Drive Backups

All backups are not created equal. Counting on one backup system is asking for trouble.

We have local incremental backups for your site. Click “Restore” and your WordPress site can time travel back to a happier time in the past.

We have local backups for our entire server every day for 7 days, every week for 4 weeks, and every month for an entire year.

Remote backups are saved every hour on a completely different server.

For complete peace of mind, you can even easily download a backup of your site to your Google Drive.

We like to make sure we’re all ready for anything that comes our way.

Setting up Super Secure WordPress Hosting for 2021 Step 5:

24/7 Ticket | Chat | Phone Support

You’re going to make mistakes. Your developer is going to make mistakes. We all do.

When mistakes happen, we’ll be waiting.

Help will be waiting through our online support ticket system, or via our chat and phone support when it’s more urgent.

A true sense of security comes from knowing we’re always there for you.

“I manage risk for a living, which is why I chose TFWPH to host and maintain my website. They have redundancy after redundancy built in to make sure that my site is always up and totally secure. They have exceeded expectations for over 2 years now.”

Eric Hoffman
Asia Risk & Insurance Advisors