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    Yes, ANYTIME.

Support tickets will receive a reply within 30 minutes.
For urgent issues, get online chat support 24/7.
Because nothing is more important to us than taking care of our customers.

Problems Solved Anytime, From Anywhere

How does TFWPH provide top-tier WordPress website hosting customer support?

WordPress-specific expertise that’s live 24/7.
Site recovery and content migration at no extra cost.
Recovery and restoration of hacked or corrupted websites at no extra cost.
Proactive troubleshooting – to warn you before you experience problems. 
And because we’re the fastest wordpress hosting, we’ll take steps to speed up your site too. 

Integrated Server & WordPress Support with Hosting + “No Worries” Maintenance


What’s wrong? Is the problem at the server level or the site level?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you reach out to 1 service provider instead of 2? Wouldn’t problems get solved faster if the troubleshooting team had access to both?

By integrating Hosting & Maintenance plans, our clients reach out to one team to get their problems solved. Our experts will handle server-level issues and troubleshoot your WordPress website to solve your problem. 

Perfect for WordPress Designers, Developers & Agencies

Ever get that call while you’re sleeping? “My site’s down! Get it up right away!”

Avoid sleepless nights dealing with client site issues. Avoid the expense and stress of having to operate your own server.

Focus on building the best websites possible for your customers. Let them call you when they want a site upgrade, not when they clicked on “Upgrade” and took down their site.

But what about recurring revenue? With our “15% Forever” Affiliate program, you’ll be making worry-free profits on both the hosting and the maintenance. Those profits are a well-deserved reward for giving your clients the fastest WordPress hosting, regular site maintenance & backups, as well as premium 24/7 support for both hosting and WordPress.

If you value your clients and you value your own time, it’s a no-brainer.

“Everytime I reach out to the team at TFWP Hosting, they solve my problem and they solve it quickly. Not only are they helpful, but they’re proactive. Sometimes they help me with issues I never even knew I had. That’s great support!”

Song I Yoon
The Cl Accounting Corp.

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