2022’s Best Recurring

Web Hosting

Affiliate Program



Being that it’s our name, it’s kind of obvious that our #1 mission is providing the fastest WordPress hosting. (Learn more on our motivations from why we started the fastest WordPress hosting.)

What’s #2?

Long-term thinking. 

Every other web hosting affiliate program that we have seen is built for short-term thinkers. They seem to be structured for marketers who want a quick payout. 

We don’t want those people. We want winners like ICC!

That’s why we don’t offer one-time signing payouts. Signing a new client isn’t our goal. Keeping happy customers is our goal.

We Only Want The Best Web Hosting Affiliates

We are building a new model, where people who refer clients are usually website developers, designers and agencies referring their own clients, rather than online marketers looking to make a quick buck.

We need your feedback to succeed.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and had the staff ask, “How was the food?” and you said, “It’s good,” when it really sucked?

You said that because you can tell from the questioner’s attitude that they actually wanted to hear that you liked the food. You can tell they don’t want the truth. 

Not us. We want pure, unadulterated truth. Honest user experiences are the fuel for our growth.

And listening to them is how we become the best hosting & maintenance company for WordPress in 2021 – and for the long term.

Join our affiliate program and start building your recurring passive income today.

The Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Program Reason #1:

15% FOREVER Recurring Payouts 

This is not a one-and-done deal. You get paid every time month we get paid – so it’s in your interest to keep them with us!

Build up your client base with us and give us their feedback – positive and negative – so we can both keep them as recurring customers, forever.

So go ahead and share our service, then sit back and reap the rewards… forever! Heck, you might even be able to turn this passive income into a full-time gig – aka freedom.

Become a TFWPH affiliate today.

Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Program Reason #2:

Managed WordPress Hosting + Maintenance

Most call it “Managed WordPress Hosting,” while others use “Enterprise” or “Premium” WordPress Hosting.

Whatever you call it, the point is that customers pay more to get better quality WordPress hosting  and better service. 

But they still have to worry about maintaining their WordPress website.

They have to worry about updating core WordPress files, themes and plugins. (Remember the recent WP 5.5 fiasco where the WP update broke millions of sites? Not ours. Our clients were on 5.4.2 for weeks because we checked for conflicts before we updated.)

They have to worry when they’re told, “Change Your DNS Entries…” (Most WP site owners are deeply afraid of DNS entries!)

And the real worry? The site is down. Let the freak out begin…

Integrated hosting and maintenance gives clients a worry-free service that allows them to focus on their business and leave website development to their developer. 

That’s why we created our NO WORRIES MAINTENANCE.

Our web hosting affiliates to take 15% FOREVER on maintenance too. 

Comparison of the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs

To get us started, have a look at what the TFWPH web hosting affiliate program pays out for clients paying monthly:

PlanHostingMaintenanceTotalAffiliate Payout / monthAffiliate Payout/year
Thunder + Knowledge$35.00$35.00$70.00$10.50$126.00
Thunder + Wisdom$35.00$49.00$84.00$12.60$151.20
Lightning + Knowledge$79.00$35.00$114.00$17.10$205.20
Lightning + Wisdom$79.00$49.00$128.00$19.20$230.40

That’s right. One client with 1 website will earn you $230 per year – forever! Or as long as we can keep them on our hosting + maintenance. And by “we” we mean the TFWPH team AND our affiliate. 

Hostgator Affiliate Program vs. 15% FOREVER Affiliate Program Comparison

The Hostgator web hosting affiliate program hands you $65 right off the bat! That’s a nice little immediate payout. (Well, after the “2 months + 10 days after the month the sale occurred in” that you have to wait for the qualified sale. Not quite instantly, but necessary considering their 45-day money-back guarantee).  

But that goes up to $125 per website if you get 21 websites in a single month! That would be a total of $2,625 for getting Hostgator 21 clients in a single month! That’s a good chunk of money in 1 month!

And what if you got 21 clients for us at our lowest rate – just our Thunder Hosting Plan. That month you would only make $110.25. A paltry sum compared to $2,625. Hostgator wins the 1 month race.

How about next month? How about all year? Over the course of a year, you’ll reach a total of $1,323 for those 21 clients. Not bad, but still less than Hostgator. 

Let’s say that all 21 of those clients sign up for the base maintenance program too – Knowledge + Maintenance? All of the sudden it’s $2,646 and we’ve just beaten Hostgator – by a lot.

Now let’s thing BIG. What if all 21 of those clients signed up for the Lightning Hosting + Wisdom Maintenance? Then you would receive $403.20 for that month – and $4,838.40 for that year – and every year they stay with TFWPH! Repeat that performance every month for 12 months and you will have $58,060.80 per year recurring income with our web hosting affiliate program.