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Do you have something else in mind? Whether you’re a small operator or a giant agency, TFWPH can customize a hosting/maintenance package to your specifications. Let us provide you and your clients with top-notch 24/7 support and the fastest, most secure WordPress hosting available. See our “15% Forever” affiliate program for more information on how we reimburse you for giving your clients the best hosting & maintenance available.

  • How many WordPress installs will you need? Don’t forget that you’ll need staging installs sometimes too.
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  • What’s the total number of visitors your sites are likely to max out at? This info is used to estimate the amount of bandwidth you’ll need. (Not required.)
  • How much blazing-fast SSD storage do you estimate you’ll need? Answer not required.
    Please enter a number from 35 to 250.
  • Tell us what you’re hoping to accomplish and how we can help you succeed.