Server Locations

The ONLY CDN that caches your entire WordPress Website

Before we tell you where our servers are we have to remind you of something important.

We use the only CDN that caches your entire WordPress website at locations all over the planet.

This means that no matter where they are in the world, your visitors will see your website in a flash!

That being said, you cannot get away from the fact that the distance of a server from your visitor can have an impact on load times.

The Fastest WordPress Hosting Server Locations – Now and In the Future

During our initial phase we have located our first server in Silicon Valley.

Leading-edge technology and blazing fast Internet capacity in this location ensure that users around the world will get the best possible Internet speeds.

Future server locations will be based on TFWPH client demand. 

If you have The Fastest WordPress Hosting and would like us to set up a server near you , please reach out to your TFWPH Buddy and let them know. 

As soon as we have enough sites that have requested that location, we’ll build a server and move you all over there.

For free of course.